How to Download and Install the LCC-Win32 or LCC-Win64 Compiler

The LCC system is distributed as a collection of installation files, consisting of an essential "base system" plus a collection of additional components such as manuals and specialized features. This is done to allow you to quickly download only the parts that you want. The only file you must have is the base system. The others are optional. The User's Manual is also helpful. Without it, you will have minimal documenation under the compiler's Help menu. But it can be downloaded and installed at any time after the base system. These instructions cover only the acquisition of the base system.

There are two versions of LCC that you might select from, depending on the type of processor in your computer. [LCC-Win32] is the original version written for typical 32-bit processors such as older PC's. [LCC-Win64] is the newer version written for the newer 64-bit processors such as AMD64's. If you are not sure which type of processor you have, then use the 32-bit version.

Each part of the program is distributed as a self-extracting compressed archive, meaning that it is actually a collection of files that have been packaged in a single file which has been compressed to download quickly and made executable so that it can install itself.

The steps to download and install the LCC system are:

Note: In the rest of this document, when it says to "open" an object, that means to either:
  1. Either [Download the file lcc-win32.exe] or [Download the file lcc-win64.exe] from its [authors' products page]. The file will appear on their web site as a link labeled either [Lcc-win32] or [Lcc-win64]. When the Windows File Download - Security Warning dialog box appears, click on the Save button. You can save the installation program to any folder on your computer. (Windows typically defaults to the Desktop folder.) You can view a tutorial video demonstrating the download procedure on the web page entitled Tutorial Videos for COP 2000. This page includes a series of tutorial videos demonstrating all of the steps involved in downloading, installing, and using the LCC-Win32 Compiler.
  2. To begin the installation, open the folder you chose and execute the installation program file, either [Lcc-win32] or [Lcc-win32]. A dialog box entitled "setup" will appear asking "Do you wish to continue?". Click on the button labeled "Yes".
  3. A setup window should appear welcoming you to the software. Click on the button labeled "Next".
  4. Read the license agreement and (if you want to proceed) click the button labeled "Yes".
  5. A panel should appear in the window showing installation information. Click on the button labeled "Next".
  6. Another panel should appear in the window entitled "Destination Directory". Look in the text box above the folder display area to be sure that the entry reads "C:\LCC". If not, position the typing cursor in the text box and revise the existing entry. Then click the button labeled "Next".
  7. Another panel should appear in the window entitled "Select Program Group", giving you the option to reword the menu choice that will be placed in your computer's Startup Menu for this program. If you choose to do so, click in the text box and revise the suggested label of "lcc-win32" (or "lcc-win64"). Then click the button labeled "Next".
  8. A panel should appear in the window entitled "Ready to Install". Click on the button labeled "Install" and wait for the setup program to unpackage the program's files and build the necessary libraries.
  9. After the message "Libraries generation finished" appears, click on the button labeled "OK".
  10. After the message "Finished installing" appears, click on the button labeled "Finish".
  11. Verify that the program and its menu items have been installed by running it from the Start button: Start, Programs, lcc-win32, lcc-win32. Note the last two items on the menu will be different if you choose to change them during installation.
  12. When done looking at the program, select: File, Quit from the program menu.
  13. You may want to return to the download page on the web site and repeat the process for the file lccdoc.exe containing the LCC users manual and technical documentation.
  14. Afterwards, you should open the folder where you downloaded the compressed distribution file(s) lccwin32.exe or lcc-win64.exe (and optionally lccdoc.exe) and erase them to recover some space on your hard disk.

Be sure to review the page entitled Tips on Using the LCC-Win32 Compiler. If you are using the 64-bit version, the directions should be the same except for the number 32.

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